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About us

The Smart Bildungswerk offers courses, seminars, workshops and teaching units throughout Germany.
The Bildungswerk is open to all interested parties and offers the widest possible range of courses in the spirit of lifelong learning.

As a non-profit gGmbH, the Bildungswerk ensures fair working and employment conditions for teachers by employing them and does not pursue any profit motive.

The Smart Bildungswerk is based on the principles of the social economy.






The range of courses on offer is as varied as our teachers.

Top Categories

  • Job & Career
  • Pedagogy & Psychology
  • Languages & Understanding
  • Basic Education
  • German & Integration
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Nature & Environment
  • Society & Politics
  • Sustainability
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For Teachers

Smart Bildungswerk for independent teachers

Smart is an educational institution for independent teachers who offer courses, seminars, workshops and lessons that do not require a licence.

Teachers are employed by the educational organisation on the basis of their work - with the same access to all social security as for other employees.

Concentrate on your courses, seminars, workshops and lessons and receive administrative, social and legal protection from the Bildungswerk.

Smart offers

What Smart offers you
Administrative services
(Billing & dunning)

Administrative services

  • Invoicing
  • Administration of participation confirmations
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Debt collection
  • Overview of income
Payment guarantee, advice and support

Payment guarantee, Advice and support

  • Advice regarding professional development
  • Support in the handling of courses and seminars
  • Payment guarantee
  • Access to all services (tax advice, legal advice, training) provided by the Chamber of Employees, provided all income comes from employment
Insurance benefits
(professional liability insurance)

Insurance benefits

  • Access to all social security benefits through employment
  • Professional liability insurance


You already give courses or lessons on a regular basis and are looking for support with administrative aspects?

With the Smart Bildungserk you can stabilise fluctuating incomes and reduce your entrepreneurial risk: at the end of each month you will receive a regular salary based on your assignments and access to public health insurance; income tax will be deducted and you will also pay into pension and unemployment insurance. Your assignments therefore cover all non-wage labour costs. The Bildungswerk's website will publish your teaching offers nationwide.

Are you receiving ALG I / ALG II?

If you would like to work with the Bildungswerk, you must take into account the rules regarding the permitted additional income. If you regularly work more than 15 hours a week, you cannot receive unemployment benefit. The Federal Employment Agency has summarized important information here (only available in German) and in an information sheet (only available in German).

You're a student or pensioner and would like to settle your additional income via the Bildungswerk?

Registered students are only allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours per week and have to pay attention to further restrictions (only available in German) so that they are still insured as students.
For pensioners, the regular age limit, the additional income limit, and the compulsory insurance must be observed in various cases. The German Pension Insurance has published an information brochure (only available in German) on this subject.

You're member of the artists' social security fund? 

In order to continue to benefit from the reduced social security contributions of the artists' social security fund, there are certain income limits to be observed for various cases. The KSK has compiled the individual variants in an information leaflet (only available in German).

I am interested

If you want to know more, visit one of our online infosessions. Here you can find the
Registration with the cooperative. Just register at one of the info sessions to get an overview. After participating in an infomation session, personal consultations can be arranged.

You're planning a project with other people? 

The Bildungswerk can also be used for projects with several people involved - for example, you don't have to found a GbR or an association, but can use the already existing structures of Smart.

You're new in Germany and do not have a tax number yet?

A residence in Germany is a prerequisite for cooperation with the Smart Bildungswerk. If you only want to work regularly on the side, you must
you do not apply for your own tax number if the
Bildungswerk the bills in your name
places. You can then transfer your income to the
be paid out of an employment (also via a mini-job).


How to find us

For all questions regarding working in the Bildungswerk, please contact our consultants directly:
fon: +49 (0) 30 24 33 67 40
From 9 am to 12 am you can reach us in the office

Smart Bildungswerk gGmbH
Wilhelmstraße 150
10963 Berlin


Please contact the teachers directly with questions about the content, procedure or registration of the courses and seminars. We will gladly answer all further questions.
Yes, I agree that the personal data I have provided above may be used in accordance with the privacy policy for the purpose of processing my request. The data will not be transferred to other companies. This consent can be revoked at any time for the future.